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Friday, February 09, 2007


Margaret Daley tagged me, so I will list six weird things about me.

1) Occasionally, I like to add potato chips to my sandwich.

2) I micro-organize my family's life, but can't keep my house cleaned.

3) I hate driving, but yet I have a sports car.

4) Occasionally, I like to eat Lay's potato chips with chocolate cake. (Do you see a carb addiction here?)

5) I wake-up every morning at 5 am to write, but do other things instead.

6) I hate vegetables!!!!

These are the people that I tagged:

Mary Beth Lee

Mindy Obenhaus

Rev. Joe Kelley

1 comment:

Mindy Obenhaus said...

Oh good. The micro-organize thing scared me for a minute. I'm glad your house is messy, too. Now if my family would stop messing it up, it would look just fine :-D


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