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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Brands and Taglines

I attended a local writing group meeting this last week. I so enjoy getting together with like-minded writers. I especially love my critique partners. Somedays, I wished we met more often.

This last meeting, we discussed the importance of brands. For instance, when you think about Stephen King...what genre or brand do you think of...thrillers? We become more marketable when we zero in on one particular genre to write.

For many years, I detested the thought of singling out one genre. I felt that it would stifle my creativity. I wanted to try out all the genres and see which one fit me best. However, I have since realized that approach is a waste of time. (Truly, I never thought I'd say that!)

I must tell you since I know my brand now, I am much happier. Perhaps you are like me and don't know where to start, trying to figure out what you write? Well, I can certainly steer you in the right direction today. This little exercise is what I used to help me figure out what type of writer I am. Are you ready? Let me give you what I wrote. (If you use this example, please link it back to my blog or use my name)

First, list your top five favorite books and genre:

1. Men of the Saddle Series by Lori Copeland Historical Romantic Comedy
2. Yellow Rose Trilogy by Lori Wick Historical Romance
3. Yellow Rose Bride by Lori Copeland Historical Romantic Comedy
4. Bride Most Begrudging by Deanne Gist Historical Romantic Comedy
5. Courting Trouble by Deanne Gist Historical Romantic Comedy

(Some of these books may not be listed as comedy, but they made me laugh out loud.)

Second, list your top five favorite movies and genre:

1. Pride and Prejudice Historical Romance
2. Emma Historical Romance
3. Support Your Local Sheriff Historical Romantic Comedy
4. Bringing Up Baby Historical Romantic Comedy
5. Counterfeit Countessa Romantic Comedy

Third, list the genre most commonly found on your list.

Historical Romantic Comedy

Fourth, list favorite words that describe this genre:

Historical: antique lace, treasure, days of old, dusty, ancient
Romantic: love, interest, fondness,
Comedy: giggles, laughter, grins,

Last, take these favorite words and dream up a tagline. Here is mine. I've chosen to use words from historical and comedy adding in a word to describe my Christian market.

Grins, Grace, and Antique Lace

Now it's your turn!

If you get stuck and need a comment with your email addy and I'll contact you.

So, go find your brand!

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