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Friday, August 25, 2006

It Hurts To Say Goodbye!

I know many of my friends are wondering where my mind is lately. I've made some decisions that some don't agree with, and I'm fine with that.

Let me first say that up until the RWA National Conference in GA, I was content in RWA and planned to be in it for a long time. But then something happened while I was there. My soul stirred as if God was trying to talk to me.

My spirit was restless and then the day of my agent appointment I stayed in our room, praying. I felt a strong urgency that God wanted me to leave the RWA organization. My heart broke, because of the many friends that I had made locally and nationally. By the time my appointment came, I asked God to give me a confirmation of His will. Then a notable person in the publishing industry asked me why was I there? I should be in a predominately Christian organization. Wow! There it was my answer, my confirmation. Yes, God is still on the throne and He cares about me. Amazing!

When I came home, I still struggled. I hated to leave my close local friends. During my prayer time, I complained about leaving my friends behind. With a voice that I know was not mine, I heard these words, "Do not be like Lot's wife." Whoa!

Seeing how I don't care much for turning into a pillar of salt for my disobedience, I leapt up and ran to the computer and un-subscribed from all my RWA groups.

I don't know what God is doing in my life, but I am glad that He cares enough for me to direct my paths and I know that I've followed His direction.

This week as I sat before my computer and told God that I'm not a good enough writer to write what he wants me to write. Then on my new loop (ACFW) a lady posted what God had given her in her devotional, "If God has called you to a task, He will equip you to complete it."

I'm going to keep writing, keep praying, and keep following His steps.

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:-)Ronie said...

Debra - Wow! I know that took a great deal of courage and was a very difficult decision for you. I pray God will continue to lead you and guide you through these transitions in your life.

Blessings in Christ!

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