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Monday, July 31, 2006

Top Ten

I've decided that I learned ten new things at the RWA Atlanta Conference and I wanted to share them with you. Here they go:

10. Always consider the length of your formal attire before wearing your dress to the ceremony. (Good morning moon, the earth says, "Hello!")

9. Conference it's a great place to meet new friends who are like minded. (Sending a shout out to Jenna Mindel, Mindy O., Tracy Leigh Brown, Brenda Coulter, Camy Tang, and Laura Post)

8. Never tell your daughter you're skipping workshops to chat with new friends..She tattles to her Daddy.

7. Always consider how you look in a formal before exposing more than half of your breasts. (I honestly have never seen so many half naked breasts!)

6. Men from the North aren't as mannerly as the Southern men. (This is to that man who pushed me further into the elevator that was jammed packed, just because he was tired of waiting for an elevator.)

5. While sightseeing with Kay, expect to get downtown Atlanta...while it's hot...with scary-looking people on the streets. (Yes, it was daylight, but scary nonetheless.)

4. After twelve hours of sleep and 3 naps, Debbie is real social and likeable too! (quote from Kay Swanson)

3. Margaret Mitchells House Tour isn't with $13. (They wouldn't let me go upstairs. Only the basement was for viewing.)

2. After a couple of Corona's, Kay is real social and likeable too! (quote from me...just now)

And the number one thing that I learned at the RWA National Conference in Atlanta Georgia...(drum roll please)...

1. If you go out into the real world, you have to eat more than beef and brownies. Life is not all about you, Debbie...(quote from Kay Swanson) But really, what's a beef-loving Texas gal who is being served nothing else, but chicken supposed to do? I need beef! and chocolate!


mary beth said...

LOL! They didn't give y'all chocolate? Yikes!!!

CHickey said...

Very funny! I'm just now joining RWA and look forward to such moments.

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