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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I arrived early at conference today. Kay and I departed for the DFW airport at seven a.m. Way too early for this chick! We were half way there before I fully awoke.

After we were checked in at the airport, we met Mindy Obenhaus (NTRWA), Juliet Burns, Laura Post (ETRWA), and several ladies from DARA.

Following Kay through the airport was a feat in itself. Her luggage wheel kept flipping the bag over. Better her than me. (I patted my new luggage and asked what she thought of it. LOL She mumbled something about next years conf. and glared at me.) After a pleasant flight, most of which I slept through, (imagine that?) we landed in Atlanta. More like Hotlanta! Granted it was alot cooler than TX, but the humidity is stifling. We found ourselves crammed like sardines into a cab with five women and a ton of suitcases. We drove through town with no airconditioning! I think I'll sue for false advertisement. Ugh! I think I'll go shower now, thank you very much.

The hotel is beautiful. Fifty floors with lighted, glass elevators. I have seen many people here already. There was Karen Kelley, actually she was leaving for a party at the Knight Agency. Gayle Gaymor Martin visited with friends at the Atrium. Gena Showalter said hi to us at the elevators. We saw Sandy Blair and Jane Graves at supper too.

That's it for today. I'll come back tomorrow to tell about the FHL conference.

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