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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nationals Day Three

The birds were singing and the sun was shining this morning. Unfortunately, my brain couldn't grasp the beauty until 9 am.

I enjoyed breakfast this morning with the sweet ladies from the Steeple Hill eboard. I had pancakes and bacon, if you're wondering.

I attended the Shrek's guide to GMC followed by Jo Beverly's Fitzwilliam Darcy to Harry Potter. Then I got lost in the hotel. (Oh, fun!) Kay found me. (Bless her heart!)

Together, we tried to make it to Gail Martin's Sagging Middle Workshop, but we had to leave because the room was full. Merrilee Whren told me later that she enjoyed it and wished it had been a two hour workshop.

So, Kay and I roamed the hotel until we were stopped by a Harlequin editor who invited us to the Champagne room to get a free autographed copy of Debbie Macomber's new book. Then she mentioned free refreshments, now we're talking.

We entered the room to see four lines of people. I found Margaret Daley in line and she said she was glad I'd come to support Laura Marie. Yea! I was so excited that I had not missed her signing! Laura Marie Altom and I squealed when we saw each other. I just love her! She asked if I wanted her to sign my book, "To Debbie" since she's in my 'in' group. I laughed and told her its my code name for people close to me.

Debbie Macomber was her usual sweet self. She signed my book "To Debra" since we're not on equal Debbie footing. lol

While there I ate the best giant chocolate cookie and sweet Georgia tea. Yum!

The luncheon was fabulous! We were served Santa Fe chicken and roasted corn grits. It was quite good. (Are you enjoying my dietary journal? Watch out Weight Watchers I'll be back!)

Meg Cabot was a riot! She was so funny telling of her account of attending the Princess Diaries Premiere. I envied her presentation. She was calm and so natural. After the luncheon she signed my book of the Princess Diaries. She signed it for my daughter, "To Princess Bethany" She is so nice.

I talked with Tina Novinski (aka the blushing bride) afterwards, she put me at ease with my agent appt. tomorrow. I really like her, she's awesome!

Soon the ballroom started filling up for the AGM, which I missed because of my 3 hr. nap. (Oh, yes it was sweet! Except for housekeeping coming in)

The Welcome reception was crowded. We had egg rolls and chicken quesadillas. (Here we go again with food!)

Kay and I was extremely disappointed that there wasn't any chocolate! So, we invited Karen Kelley and went upstairs to buy dessert.

The Moonlight Madness Bazaar is just that, Mad! We were stuffed into a small room like sardines! I bought two t-shirts and entered the FHL raffle to win an alphasmart. (Pray, Saints, Pray!)

Tonight, I'm going with Margaret and Laura Marie to the eharlequin pajama party. ( I can't wait!) I have to go now so I can dress in my satin pj's.


mary beth said...

Sounds like delicious fun. :-)

Pam Hillman said...

Oh Debbie, Please keep posting!
(I can call you Debbie since I sat beside you at the FHL luncheon on Wednesday!) lol

I only attended the FHL mini-conference and then left Atlanta, but if there had still been openings in registration for the RWA conference, I'm not sure if wild horses could have pulled me away! lol

Loving the updates!!!

Pam Hillman

Debra said...

Pam, of course you can call me Debbie!

I enjoyed sitting with you at the luncheon table. I wished you could've stayed longer.

Anonymous said...
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