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Friday, July 28, 2006

Nationals Day Four or Agent Awareness Agony

Okay, enough is enough.

I've had it with falling asleep during early morning workshops. Tomorrow, I've decided I'm foregoing the Calloway #1 rule of 'Never turn down a free meal' and actually sleep-in. (Amazing, I know). However, after congregating last night at the eharlequin pajama party and then attending a private party hosted by some Kimani authors, I woke this morning a complete and undeniable bear, even Kay informed me that I was not a nice person early in the morning.

So, after a skimpy continental breakfast of which, I was informed by another writer that it was 'very continental' (What in the world does that mean?), I attended Gail Dayton's Writing Action Scenes. I knew while sitting there bristling when anyone spoke to me, that I needed to go back to bed in hopes I might wake-up with a better disposition for my agent appt.

After my nap, I did feel slightly guilty for not attending workshops, but that soon faded when I realized how wonderful and glossy my curls were after a 1 1/2 hrs in the hot rollers.(Oh, the vanity!)

My agent appt. was with Danielle Egan-Miller. It went well. She said my story intrigue her and she welcomed me to query her.

In celebration, Kay took me to the mall! I bought some souveneirs for my family and had a snack.

Tonight, we're having supper with several authors from SARA. So, that's it for now, I'm hungry.


Pam Hillman said...

Loving the food stories, Debbie! Keep it up...and don't worry about the workshops: enjoy all the extracurricular activities and buy the tapes! lol

mary beth said...

YAY on the request Debbie!!!!!

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