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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wedding Night Blues

Well, I've safely recovered from my Xanax coma. And have been busy writing, updating my website, and playing with the kids.

This month my husband and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary, yes, folks I was a June bride, a blushing and somewhat ornery one at that. I can remember our wedding night like it was yesterday... (persons under the age of 18, strongly encouraged to leave the blog)

In a somewhat average hotel room, my darling husband threatened the hotel manager over the phone, who was calling to ask permission to allow my parents and brother and his wife up to our room. While I prepared in the bathroom for our...Wedding night. As I heard the phone slam into its cradle, I sauntered into the room with all the sexiness I could muster.

As I predicted, my husband stared at me with mouth agaped and eyes widened. However, I didn't anticipate the anger that radiated from him. "What?" I asked in playful innocence. I gazed down to look over my pink flannel pj's and my pink fluffy bunny slippers. My hand reached up to feel the sticky, green goo crackling on my face and brush away the roller dropping over my eye. "What?"

Yes, I remember it like yesterday. Thinking back I almost feel sorry for him...almost. Fifteen years can surely change a man. He's not nearly as gullible as he used to be (what a shame, for I dearly love to tease him) he credits that to me. I believe he knows all my tricks now, which means I have to come up with new ones, like this blog. Boy, if he ever knew that I blogged about our wedding night... (hee, hee)


Margaret Daley said...

LOL, Deb. That is so like you. Love it!


mary beth said...

How Funny Deb! You have to use this in a book. :-)

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