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Monday, May 15, 2006

When everything falls apart

I have felt so blue lately. Everything in the last two weeks just seemed to fall apart. My financial aid for school, my finals, and life in general overwhelms me. Can you say Panic ATTACKS!

As I take the next few weeks to recoup and reclaim my brain, I look for inspiration. It has come to my attention there is numerous women who experience panic attacks. My friend, MBL, said the reason why, is because someone forgot to tell us women that we can not do everything.

Yesterday, while I was sitting in service, I watched a video of our childrens church. One child was ask what was the difference between Mothers and Fathers. The child answered, "Momma's work at work and work at home, Daddy's work at work only." <*grin*>

Fifty years ago, (I'm told) times were slower. I read an article the other day with statistics that said back then more people went visiting their friends than today. I mentally said, Well of course, people had more time.

Where did our time go? Why have we made for ourselves such a high pressured, rushed culture? Is it all that important? We have sacrificed friendships to cram more activities into our day.

As I stave off panic attacks today, I am reminded of what to do when everything falls apart.


I call out his name
When I am lonely
When I need a friend
When no one is there

I call out his name
When I am sad
When it seems
That no one for me doth care

I call out his name
When trouble surrounds
When I need a helping hand

I call out his name
He is there as only
My Jesus can

I call out his name
When I have no need
With my hands I raise
With my heart of thankgiving

His Holy Name

J.C.K (my daddy)

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