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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dangerous Curves Ahead

Sensory writing elevates the emotions in a story. Readers turn pages to feel the next emotion. Observing sensory perceptions in daily living will intensify every story told.

Every morning, much to my body’s dismay, I enter the gym. Music blasts me awake as I hear an electronic woman’s voice say, “Please change stations now.” I slide my membership card under the red light, hearing a high pitched beep. I’m clocked-in with the computer nagging me to weigh-in.

I find my favorite station. As I run in place, I feel my jiggles wiggle, and for a brief moment, I appreciate a gym with no mirrors. Looking around the circuit, I’m relieved to find other women in pursuit of replacing their winter coat.

Change stations, please…oh, thank ya, Jesus. My thighs ache from the squats. My heart pounds in my throat. My breaths are shallow. What’s that smell? I look to the lady next to me doing sit-ups. Could she have released a frog? I frown and hold my breath; surely it will pass in a moment.

As I move to the next station, the circular fan dries my wet skin. The odor is back. I quickly look around the room to see if anyone watches me and then I wipe my face with my t-shirt. I hope no one notices me sniffing myself. Oh, the horror of it all. No frogs were released. Mental note…stay away from the fans.

Second time around, the torture is over. I find a trash can and spit out my cardboard tasting gum. I stumble, reaching for pure refreshment, my water bottle on a shelf. Cold, crisp, liquid seeps down my throat. I wonder how something with no taste can taste so good? I pop a new stick of cinnamon gum in my mouth and head for the stretching circuit.

I grip the rubber handrails and stare at the second hand. I’m quite relieved I’m the only one stretching. I extend my legs. Three women attack the jungle gym. All of us monkeys clamor for more space. Someone ahead of me is not watching the clock. I now place my hand on my soft, velvety, sweats and wait. Their incessant talking irritates me. C’mon with it girls. Get a hitch in your giddy up. I’ve got things to do. Namely take a shower…I think the lady next to me is sniffing for frogs…in my direction.


Donna Moore said...

I love your humor at everyday trials of being a woman. I thought I would drop by your blog today to see how you were.


Moonine Sue Watson said...

At least at Curves you don't have to put up with the guys either staring at you, or in my case, trying hard not to look at all the rolls I've accumulated.

The music helps make it less of a chore plus knowing in thirty minutes you're done.

Keep the workout going. You'll be glad you did.


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