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Friday, December 07, 2007

2008 Goals

For those of you who've asked...Um,...NaNoWriMo didn't go so well for me. It's supposed to be about freeing your mind and just writing without direction. However, I went into it with a plot skeleton, an intense outline, and pages of character sketches. I froze up at 5,000 words. Total writer's block.

The only thing I've written since then was four paragraphs about a gambler who just won a large pot, sees a woman lying face down on the trail. He stops to see if she's alive or at the very least has a valise. As he turns her over, she reveals a gun. Her sister behind him points a sawed off shotgun at him. They rob him. He's mad and bent on retrieving his money. I stopped writing after the fourth paragraph because my daughter read it and mourned the loss of Wyatt and Hattie Jo (from my manuscript Trail to Justice). My most recent rejected manuscript. (((wiping tears)))

However, my 2008 goals are:

1. Condense Trail to Justice and submit to Heartsong Presents.

2. Enroll in the Christian Writer's Guild classes. (I need something to strengthen my cover letter. It's so puny. Also, I hope to strengthen my writing.)

3. Rewrite Resisting the Darkness (my spiritual warfare manuscript). I plan on taking my plot skeleton and co-writing it with my brother.

4. I'd like to attend a writing workshop.

5. I want to flesh out that western I talked about earlier and finish my romantic comedy I got stuck on in NaNoWriMo.

6. Submit once again.

7. Submerge myself in cheesecake after reading rejection letters.

8. Do the same the next year.

I guess that's all, folks!

Merry Christmas!

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