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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bull slapping

This weekend my husband and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. Ooh, aah,...yeah, I know. I was like ten when we married. :o)

I'd like to say we did something incredibly take a tour of England or an Alaskan cruise, or even a private getaway to some remote cabin in the wilderness. Hey, I'd even settle for a motel six out of town. (With pretend names and a cash payment. hee, hee)

However, we went to the movies and saw Wild Hogs. I laughed so hard I had to run to the restroom because William H. Macy's character is named Dudley and he's becoming familiar with riding a motorcycle. Well, wouldn't ya know that's my husband's name and he just bought him a bike. He actually belongs to a group of riders now, too! But the scene that really got me into hysterics was the bull slapping contest. Oh, my it brought back memories...picture it...Texas, 1997...

"Hey, Debbie!" my husband hollers as he's jumping out of the pick-up bed after tossing hay bales out. "Have you ever seen bull kick?"

"Hello? City girl, here." I scratch my head. "How ya goin' to get that big bull to kick?"

"Watch this!" He runs to the feeding trough, grabs a bag of feed and pours. Soon, the whole herd moves in, crowding in around him, trying to eat. (Including the big bull) My darling husband squeezes out between the cattle, searching for a stick. He then prods the bull, tapping him with the stick. I scream. He laughs. And then he does the unthinkable. He runs behind the bull, grabs his tail, and snaps it like a whip.

Oh, my word! That bull came away from that feeder, high-stepping and kicking. My husband laughed so hard he couldn't move. I scream again. I knew he was going to get kicked by that monster.

But he didn't. It seems he had done this before. What shocked me most was that he did it as a child!

So, now you know why I laughed so hard at the bull slapping scene. In fact, the whole movie seemed to speak of my husband's life one way or another.

Maybe I didn't get a romantic getaway, but I sure enjoyed laughing at him until I cried at the theater. Bet he couldn't bull slap these days.

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