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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Writing Prompt 3

Write an intriguing first line for a romance novel. Repeat the exercise, writing first lines for a mystery, horror, Western and a suspense story.

Out of all the women in the world, why was it her that excited him most.

A loud screeching noise came from inside her bedroom closet, but she knew she was alone...or was she?

Blood dripped from the blade of the Pope's butcher knife.

His horse liked her, so he supposed he should like the little gal, too.

Penelope awoke, finding herself sitting at a rest stop in her car, on the side of the she got there she didn't know.

The king arrived with his sharriors, each carried the banner of war and a spear.

"I find it most difficult to imagine why it is women are allowed to drape themselves in garments, which half expose their bosom, but scandalously labelled a harlot for removing her gloves in public."

Chick lit:
That was the best pick-up line she'd ever heard from a man...too bad she was in a gay bar.

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